At this point I wish Freddie Roach was the one getting ready for a fight so somebody could knock his annoying ass out. He just won’t shutup in regards to trashing Floyd. You would think he is trying to be a celebrity instead of a trainer. Roach went on a rant once again, this time saying he “wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd dropped out of the fight”. This dude can’t be serious. It’s clear he has been trying to troll Floyd to get in his head but everyone knows that won’t work.


Roach has been making outrageous claims about Floyd getting beat up in sparring and getting his lip busted among other tall tales, which of course were not true. He is trying his best to just trash Floyd and paint him as a villain or coward and all he is really doing is making people hate him and Pacquiao by association.

Now Roach has moved on to bigger lies, now claiming he expects Floyd to pull out of the fight.

“I don’t believe that Floyd ever wanted this fight, he was forced to take it by the public and the media. I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd pulled out now,” he said, according to Boxing News.

Floyd is about to make more than $100 million dollars in one night, even with the way he loves money, you couldn’t pay him to miss this epic night. Go focus on your fighter, Freddie.