Feds Probe Baltimore Police for Freddie Gray

With protests heavy in Maryland and buzz all over the net, the Department of Justice has officially responded. The Feds Launch Investigation of Baltimore Police for Death of #FreddieGray who died of a spinal injury while in custody of local authorities (RIP).

Not even a week has gone by, “and another one.” DOJ Feds Launch Investigation of Baltimore Police for Death of #FreddieGray and have specifically labeled it the latest civil rights case since #WalterScott. The news comes amidst the tension hanging over communities as a result of ‘excessive force,’ misconduct, and hyper-militarization of police departments—the likes of which have seemed to affect black and brown communities more than any other in the national spotlight. Though most recent was the death of #EricHarris who was killed while running away from a volunteer* officer using a gun ‘instead of’ a taser, Freddie’s death is literally in a ‘gray’ area and with a big difference.

Freddie Gray died of a “severe spinal cord injury” after an arrest and while in custody of Baltimore police. His death sparked immediate outrage in the city even as six officers were suspended, forcing authorities to respond to growing anger and resistance from “the people” (fists up). The Feds Launch Investigation of Baltimore Police and are “calling for calm” as protests even in front of the police department have escalated, making the city the latest hot-bed for issues yet to be addressed in a meaningful way. Meaningful as in, stopping or even slowing the rate and* quality in which non-white people (not just black boys and men) are being mistreated and expended if not tortured by “authorities”–in many cases to their unjust deaths. The Washington Post reports:

Details are still scarce on precisely what happened to Gray. A charging document said that Gray “was arrested without force or incident” on April 12th. While he was able to talk and breathe when he was placed into a transport van that morning, when he came out of the van “he could not talk, he could not breathe,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez.

‘Word on the street’ is Freddie asked for medical care multiple times to no avail. Feds Launch Investigation of Baltimore Police for Death of #FreddieGray and the city’s mayor as well as it’s police commissioner said “the results of an investigation would be given to prosecutors by May 1st to determine whether any criminal charges were warranted.”—this sparked more concern about a police force in charge of investigating itself. The Justice Department is opening the case to determine “whether any civil rights violations have occurred.”

While none of this will bring Freddie back, hopefully the truth comes to light.


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