The fairly new daytime TV show, “The Real” has found themselves in a “real” messy situation. During an on set taping, the show asked two women wearing a Hijab (a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women for a multitude of reasons) to “move out of camera view” during a taping. Just now,the scandal is hitting the rumor mill and the community isn’t taking this lightly!

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The show that is infamous for exploiting celeb drama to have something to talk about is now in the middle of the inferno. Apparently, karma is a dish best served cold as these ladies face one of their biggest and first controversies since the show first began, in July. The audience acts as the co-hosts to this undeniably addicting, fresh spin on Daytime TV. Although the cast dynamic consists of multiple nationalities, somehow racial ignorance has slipped through the cracks.

Since the encounter has hit airwaves, The Real has been ripped to shreds by the Council on American Islamic Relation’s Los Angeles office for alleged “discrimination against Muslim women”. The two women who were asked to get “out of camera view during taping” and were then told they could not sit in the first row. Due to the nature of the encounter, the statement implies that they were refused a floor seat to the show because of their appearance and potential visibility throughout the segment. The council says the women were told they could not sit in the front row “in accordance with studio policy.” ….whatever that means Warner Bros! What could be realer than a melting pot of women in the audience of all nationalities, not just the ones they wanted people to see.

Source: Page 6