According to MTV News, Waka Flocka ended his longtime beef with fellow trap king Gucci Mane. Flocka said that the beef is way under the rug.


The fellow presidential candidate was dropped from Gucci Mane’s Brick Squad 1017. This was in 2013, the two have been feuding ever since. So many disses were exchanged between the two trap elites. It became so problematic that Gucci even filed a law suit against Flocka and his mother. Gucci accused the Flocka’s of fraud, racketeering, theft and breach of contract ! That’s crazy.

Flocka sat down with MTV news and Gucci did come up in questions. Flocka said that the two were fine and had no problems. Flocka later stated that he would probably never do business with Gucci Mane because snakes always remains the same. The beef is seriously settled, so you don’t have to see any unnecessary boxing matches. Flocka also included the fact that the beef was basically just overblown and it concerned the family members rather than the rappers. Just like Wale and Rick Ross were feuding like brothers, so were Flocka and Gucci.
Flocka stated:

” It’s like a argument, you’ll be mad at your family{member},like’fuck her.I’ll never talk to her again.’Then a year go by and you’re like,’I miss you girl.”

So happy these two were able to patch things up!