Treyarch has just released its latest teaser trailer for the highly anticipated “Call of Duty Black Ops 3”. The trailer depicts a not so distant future wear high tech wearables advance to a level of enormous proportions. Integrating technology into the human body is definitely going to be apart of the future and COD Black Ops 3 takes takes an extremely realistic storyline for its backdrop. Super soldiers and turning human beings into weapons are the highlights of the trailer along with a detailed history on the advancement of wearable technology into bionic integration and cybernetics. Check out the trailer for the futuristic game after the jump!

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Organ replacements, DNA upgrades, telepathy, super soldiers, and many more awesome medical technological advancements are used by the government to create human weapons of mass destruction. I personally think it is an awesome take on a dystopian future that we all may live in one day. TatWza will probably be playing this. Gameplay videos should be released in the upcoming days. Video game aficionados say the creators of Black Ops 3 took some inspiration from similarly futuristic game Deus Ex. Regardless Call of Duty Black Ops 3 looks like it will not disappoint.

Source: Forbes