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Kevin Love has a player option next season; he can opt-out and become a free agent, giving other teams an opportunity to lure him over.  There’s been a lot of reports about Love not fitting in with the Cavaliers and possibly bolting after this season.  He was finding his stride with the team during their round 1 series against the Boston Celtics.  As you know that all came to a halt when Kelly Olynyk did what Love called a “bush league” play, injuring Kevin’s shoulder.  This could greatly affect Love’s free agency decision and cost the Celtics more than they thought.

For as much as Kevin Love has publicly resisted the discussion of free agency this season, it has been on his mind. He has never been completely comfortable in Cleveland, with his role, nor his connection to those around him. Throughout the year, league sources say, one destination grew in possibility as his exit strategy: The Boston Celtics.

Boston has been no sure thing to lure Love, but it had a better shot than most had believed. If Love left the Cavaliers, the Celtics had closed the gap on the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Obviously Olynyk hurting Love in turn hurts Boston’s chances of getting Kevin as he accused Kelly of purposely injuring him.  Olynyk denies that he did it on purpose and within the Celtics some have defended him saying, “he’s sort of uncoordinated and awkward” and that led to the mishap.

The Cavaliers on the other hand had Love’s back and that might’ve strengthened the bond between them.  But if Love misses significant time and the Cavaliers get bounced early then that can hurt their chances of retaining him.

All in all the Lakers were the only team in the running, not affected by the mishap, so their chances appear stronger.

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