IFWT_Aaron Slator

Former President of Content and Ad Sales, Aaron Slator, was terminated from his position; due to a text message found in his phone containing a meme with the phrase “It’s Friday N***as”. The picture was found by an AT&T employee during a data transfer, as Slator was getting a new phone.

Since then, a $100 million racial discrimination lawsuit has been filed against AT&T. The former employee who filed the suit said that the telecommunication giant was aware of Slator’s actions and did nothing about it. As a result, the company told Aaron had he to go! A representative of AT&T had this to say about the matter. “Aaron Slator has been terminated..There is no place for demeaning behavior within AT&T and we regret the action was not taken earlier.” The meme was a picture of an African boy dancing in excitement. You’re probably familiar with it, if not you can check it out in the gallery. TatWza can tell you, you have to be careful with your pictures in these smart-phones!

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Source: TMZ