(Photo) 50 Cent Calls AT&T “Racist” For Dropping His Show “Power”

50 Cent Calls AT&T “Racist” For Dropping His Show “Power”. 50 Cent Calls the entire AT&T Company racist and says his show “Power” lost 500,000 viewers. Hop into the post for all the details and Photos! #IFWT!

(Photo) Oh, The Irony! AT&T President Fired For Racist Meme In His Cell Phone!

Former President of Content and Ad Sales, Aaron Slator, was terminated from his position; due to a text message found in his phone containing a meme with the phrase “It’s Friday N***as”. The picture was found by an AT&T employee during a data transfer, as Slator was getting a new phone.

Apple Stores Will Start Selling T-mobile Plans With An Unlocked iPhone

Apple’s new plan to drive more iPhone purchases through their stores is by offering prepaid plans to customers who buy unlocked iPhones. Starting this month Apple will sell T-mobile and AT&T prepaid plans in its stores. You can get the iPhone and T-mobile SIM at the apple store but you have to sign up for the service separately with T-mobile.

Uh Oh! AT&T And News Corp Looking To Hurt Netflix?!?

I mean I’m not against competition, but I do feel like this so not clean. If it weren’t Netflix, people would still be shackled to watching ‘content’ when it was good for someone else’s schedule. AT&T partnering with News Corp with $500M behind themare getting ready to ‘invest and launch’ a VOD(Video On Demand) service like Netflix.

(Photos) This Is The End?! T-Mobile And Blackberry Cut Ties!!!

I’ve been telling everyone I know and care about that has a BB, ‘it’s gonna wrap up sooner or later, probably sooner’, but Today a friend of mine whom is still on BB sent me an email they got from Blackberry…the end soon come!!

Amazon Revealed Thre New Tablets!!!!

Amazon recently revealed its Kindle HDX tablets. The new lineup has three new tablets, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

AT&T Wants To Use AirWaves To Do WHAT?!?!?

Many smartphone users use their phones to watch movies and their favorite TV shows, in which they are using a two way broadband service. AT&T wants to create a new network that will be a one way broadband service to free up space. The new network will be called LTE-Broadcast.

(Photo) Checks Keep Comin’ In For Britney Spears!

Get money! In the past year, Britney Spears has added to her bank account by investing in stocks. To find out where she’s putting her money, click below.

AT&T Makes A Video On Texting And Driving

AT&T recently released a 35 minute YouTube documentary called It Can Wait. The video features stories of people who have firsthand experience of the effect of texting while driving.

WHAT…AT&T Buys Naming Rights To Cowboys Stadium!!

Next time you go to see the Dallas Cowboys play at home you will be visiting the AT&T Stadium. Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, announced that AT&T has reached a multimillion dollar agreement with the team to buy the naming rights. Jones said the deal will enhance technology for their fans. Neither AT&T or Jones would discuss the terms of the deal but reports have said it is in the $17-$19 million per year range! If the deal reaches $25 million per year it will be the biggest football stadium rights deal in history. Congrats AT&T !!!

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