IFWT_F Blackberry cuts Tmobile
I’ve been telling everyone I know and care about that has a BB, ‘it’s gonna wrap up sooner or later, probably sooner’, but Today a friend of mine whom is still on BB sent me an email they got from Blackberry…the end soon come!!

Tat Wza

It seems as though Blackberry and T-Mobile will not be working together past this month, and that will leave a lot of T-Mobile Blackberry users searching for either a new carrier, or a new device!

If you’re one of those people, and are good with going to AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, no prob(well a small prob, you still have to migrate), but IF you Love T-Mobile, you will have to get a touchscreen, either an iPhone, which I suggest, or an Android, but in time for the new GS5, which drops April 11th!!!

Now this is a warning to all BB users, we don’t know why ties were cut, or who cut them, but it’s a matter of time before BB users everywhere are left with looking for other options. Why do it to yourself, get ahead of it and get familiar now with another device!!!