Private Prison Stocks On The Rise After Donald Trump Gets Elected As President

This is crazy. After last night’s election, a private prison’s stock has gone up! The Huffington Post has reported that after Donald Trump’s victory was declared, stock prices went up significantly for America’s two largest private prison contractors. CoreCivic is the nations largest private prison contractor. It’s stock up by 58% and GEO Group, the second largest contractor’s, stock raised by 28%.

(Photos) This Is The End?! T-Mobile And Blackberry Cut Ties!!!

I’ve been telling everyone I know and care about that has a BB, ‘it’s gonna wrap up sooner or later, probably sooner’, but Today a friend of mine whom is still on BB sent me an email they got from Blackberry…the end soon come!!

Whoa! Facebook To Buy Whatsapp For Billions!!!

It’s going around the web pretty hard that Facebook is going to pay $16B, but a close friend of mine told me it’s more like $19 Billion! This is an incredible amount for a Free App, that in my experience is ad free, so I wonder what FB is really getting out of this?

Tech: Twitter Stock Opens & Jumps More Than 90% in Minutes!

I’m pretty sure I need to invest in this asap!  Twitter soared in it’s market debut today.  The stock is trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “TWTR.” Details after the jump…

(Video) Some Facts About The Twitter IPO That Will Make You Want To Buy Stock!!!

I think I’m gonna go ahead and get in on this when it goes down! Twitter although it isn’t the biggest in history, it may very well be the most important, and financially worth it!

You Be The Critic: Will You Buy Stock In Twitter?! [Poll]

I only ask because Tech companies on the stock market tend too move toward the darkside of success. Going back to Myspace, they didn’t go public, but when they sold to a major corp, all downhill. Now FB went public with the biggest IPO in Tech history, and is starting to thrive a year later(actually just getting close to where it started), but initially it was looking kinda ugly.

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