Everyone has been hearing for the past week about what’s been happening in Baltimore, with people rioting to protesting to celebs reaching out to march and promote peace within the communities. It is now said that Baltimore PD has found new security footage pertaining to the death of Freddie Gray.


Detectives have stated that the police van that picked up Freddie Gray after he ran from police had made a stop to a unknown location. Baltimore PD did not have any knowledge of this until further investigating this case. It was described that they made one stop known to officers with Freddie Gray already in their van, then on its second stop drove to an undisclosed location and then made a third stop then picked up another prisoner on its fourth stop then headed to the police station according Baltimore PD’s Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis who is the head of the Freddie Gray case. This was then followed by Police Commissioner Anthony Batts that their department has completed their portion of this case earlier then expected and that all information will be handed over to Baltimore State’s Attorney Office. Commissioner Batts also noted that their were 30 Detectives that were involved to this case and that their focus was this case and this case only. You can watch more in the video below.

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