Daughter of Blues icon, B.B. King says he isn’t be treated properly. Not only does she feel like his care isn’t being made a priority by his current power of attorney and long time manager Laverne Toney, but she’s going as far as saying B.B is being abused!

Emery Childs

B.B’s daughter , Patty King has been in a constant battle with B.B.’s manager Laverne Toney over her fathers care. She called the police on Thursday because Toney refused to get B.B. the medical attention that he so desperately needed. Patty said her father wouldn’t eat and once she saw his urine was discolored she knew something was wrong. Upon telling Toney that B.B. needed professional help she denied the requests several times, leaving Patty no choice but to call the police.

Once the paramedics arrived, they concluded that B.B. most definitely needed medical attention, despite his managers non professional opinion. Once B.B. checked into the hospital Patty announced that he had suffered a minor heart attack. She took the above picture to show the public that Toney has done a terrible as B.B.’s power of attorney. This isn’t her first allegation that Toney hasn’t been forth right. She says Toney been extorting money out of her father for years. She says Toney and her assistant have fleeced $20-30 million dollars from King along with withholding medication, and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry.

Patty has began and will continue to fight Toney for power of attorney over 89 year old B.B. King

Source: TMZ