This past Thursday, President Barrack Obama announced a program that will give more than 10,000 free E books for children from indigent households. Jeff Zients, a top economic advisor in the Obama Administration, presented daunting data that some 80 percent of low-income children are behind the rest of the their grade in terms of reading skills. Hence, the president initiated this strategy to combat those statistics.

A White House statement said Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins and Hachette were some of the participating with the president’s plan. Students will soon have immediate access to age-appropriate titles in their e-book catalogs.” That’s why Obama’s program will also work with local libraries, boosting their enrollment of local kids in order to provide them with hardware necessary to enjoy these books. Each age-appropriate title will be made available from the publishers’ online libraries, though there’s no word on whether the e-title will be given away or simply checked out as traditionally lent books are”(Source,2015). Any excuse to get kids into the library is a great one.
I know TATWZA will agree with me that many kids in NYC need this to keep them busy. It’s nice to see a Obama program that gives E Books to the poor.