Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda is still behind bars at Rikers Island, awaiting his trial this June.

New York Magazine recently spoke with the “Hot N*gga” rapper for a piece they’ve dubbed “Hot Shmurda,” and in it, Bobby speaks on his disdain for his label once again, the letters and offers he’s received and more.

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Bobby on his label not bailing him out:

“I felt like if I’d have signed with Rick Ross or signed to 50 Cent, they’d have come and got me,” he said. “They’d understand me more.”

Bobby’s lawyer on his label not bailing him out:

“It is quite off to me why they aren’t helping him. But I guarantee once he’s out, they’ll be all over him, trying to make more money from him.”

Bobby on letters he’s received:

“I get letters in here from people with clothing lines. They telling me when I come out they’ve got a bunch of clothes for me. I got a letter from a movie director. He said he wanted to shoot a movie of my life.”

Source: DX