bow wow

The list of unhappy YMCMB artists continues to grow. Bow Wow also known as Shad Moss, has aired out his issues with the label and seems to be moving forward.

In the recent months not too many artists under YMCMB have been happy with the label. Lil Wayne has come forward, along with Tyga and a few others.

Today Bow Wow used his Facebock to broadcast his issues regarding the label. It is unclear what exactly happened but he is upset with the business and regrets signing with YMCMB as opposed to Atlantic. Something shady seems to have occurred as Bow states in the post, “cats a rob they own kind for the power and bread”

Bow Wow also adds that he is officially back with same people he started with, Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupri. He has been quiet throughout the Wanye and Birdman drama and so this comes as some what of a surprise. See the gallery for photos.

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