Drake Says that the super anticipated Remix to his 2013 hit record ‘Wu Tang Forever’ Featuring the legendary Hip Hop group will actually never release. Hop into the post to check out why. #IFWT

About 2 years back Drake dropped a Wu Tang Clan inspired track titled ‘Wu Tang Forever’ from his album ‘Nothing Was The Same’. Although some fans did seem to have mixed feelings about Drake’s attempt to pay homage to the Wu, there was a rumor that turned out being true in which a remix with the Wu Tang Clan members was scheduled to release. Well, as dope as that would be Drake sort of just confirmed that idea is a Dub.

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It was a New York City Art exhibit where Drake did a collaboration with Sotheby’s recently and he sat down with Vulture giving us a inside scoop on what was going on with this highly anticipated remix. Drake had said that since him and Wu Tang were constantly on the road, they were unfortunately both too busy and didn’t have an opportunity to complete the remix and video.

Here is Drake going in detail about it.

“Oh, man, that’s kind of behind us. That was two projects ago. There was a remix that 40 [Noah Shebib] was working on,” he said. “He has a really personal relationship with a lot of those guys from Wu-Tang, and me and Rocky were working on a video at one point in Harlem, and it was cool, but with schedules and all that, different things came into play and we never really got to finish, which is not something I recommend. You should always try and finish your music video.”

It has also been reported that various members on Wu Tang said the remix didn’t get done due to not handing in the verses on time. Drake did shoot a couple clips in Harlem with ASAP Rocky but anything else will be locked away forever it appears.