Love and Hip Hop Star,Lil Fizz, is getting into a bit of a feud today. Lil Fizz beefs with his baby’s mother even on Mothers Day?

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While a lot of fellow celebs are appreciating and honoring their wives, baby mama’s and mothers some celebs are feuding. Lil Fizz Baby mama posted a very graphic visual on instagram. The picture showed a text that was sent from Lil Fizz being rude and just down right disrespectful on Mothers Day!

Lil Fizz stated in the text:

“He’s with me and we are celebrating my mother and his grandmother, when we are done I will bring him to you! Are you FU&*ING confused or lost??? And obviously it won’t be 8pm idiot!!! I don’t inconvenience everyone like you do!! So shut the fuck up.”

Lil Fizz responded with a screenshot of a text conversation. This was a very detailed message. Later Lil Fizz baby mama responded with another message. This is crazy! Even on Mothers Day people cant avoid drama. Mothers Day should be filled with love and joy and all mothers should be appreciated!

Hopefully these two can get it together and reconcile. That type of pettiness should not be tolerated on a day like this. Real Talk!

Looks like #MonieceSlaughter wanted to go #BlacChyna on #LilFizz for #MothersDay too!!

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#LilFizz responds to #MonieceSlaughter putting him on blast! See earlier post!

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