Chris Brown

Chris Brown has recently been the victim of a serious STAN breaking into his home, spray-painting love letters and leaving roses everywhere. He recently took to his Twitter page to address the super creepy situation, explaining that he feels as if the young lady needs help. “To The young woman that broke into my house, I appreciate the dedication as a fan. I pray she gets the help she needs. It’s all love,” Breezy tweeted out.

As an artist, that’s very respectable that he’s being so cool about the situation but as an outsider looking in, she could have turned into a crazy killer or something. How creepy! Imagine coming home after a long week of partying in Vegas to an insane naked woman in your kitchen and “Mrs. Brown” spray-painted everywhere?! NEVER! I think I would have to move like, ASAP. Time will tell if Breezy drops all of the felony charges the CB fanatic received.

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Source: Twitter