roosevelt_IFWTAnother…. Black man was found hanging from a tree in Georgia. Nothing New, this should not be a shock to who ever is reading this!

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Of course, were informed with another incident that reflects a scene from “To Kill A Mockingbird”. This is sad, very sad. Roosevelt Champion was found dead behind a house in Greensboro, Georgia. Champion’s body was strapped with a tie-down strap. There is always some type of confusion with police officials. Champion’s body does not present solid facts of a “hanging” they say. Special Agent Wooten, the man in charge of the investigation claimed that it was to early to make a huge statement. Wooton is going to see the autopsy first.Champion was previously convicted in the death of a white women. No charges were filed against Champion.

Wooton stated:

“I understand there is a lot of concern in the community because the victim was a black man hanged in the deep south. Because of this were going to be as transparent as we could be.”

This news is terrible to hear but continues to numb societies ears. Minorities are being killed in multiple ways for no reason. Little justice is being served. Further news will update this developing story.