I guess when it comes to fashion, JR Swish may know a thing or two. Aside from working on New York’s Fashion Ave at the Garden, JR won this year’s All-Star fashion show so I guess he has the right to point out the good and the bad clothes around the league. JR recently took to Twitter to take a shot at the injured John Wall and his suit. Click more to read the full story!

When you are an injured player, the league still enforces a dress code and when you are not in team uniform, you must wear a suit jacket–at least! John Wall recently injured his hand in the Eastern Conference playoffs series against the Atlanta Hawks and is forced to watch his team from the sidelines. Wall must be thinking if he can’t get dressed in the Wizard’s red white and blue, then he must go hard in a suit from the bench!

Fresh off a game 4 win against the Chicago Bulls, JR Smith must be home watching tonight’s games because he had some choice words for Wall’s attire. Smith took to Twitter to joke–as he usually does–on his league-mate. Smith calls the suit a terrible look and even goes as far to call the suit a worst option than Charles Barkley’s draft day suit (remember how big suits used to be back then).

Of course the comments are all jokes or maybe not; because I tend to side with JR on this one. I think it is a pretty bad look as well but I also have never won a fashion show. Take a look at the gallery and judge for yourself!


Source: @TheRealJRSmith