IFWT_Floyd Mayweather Warriors game

Hate for Floyd Mayweather has grown from his history of domestic violence, his arrogance, how he spends his money and the list goes on.  Also if you didn’t already know, there’s a lot of Filipino people in the Bay Area and of course they love Manny Pacquiao.  So when Mayweather showed up to the Warriors-Grizzlies game at the Oracle Arena on Wednesday night, he was heavily booed by the crowd.

The undefeated boxer shelled out $36,000 for four courtside seats for him and his security team. The man who recently defeated Manny Pacquiao was featured on the video screen and wasn’t given a warm reception.

Mayweather seemed to get a kick out of the incident as he laughed and clapped while looking up at the jumbotron as the crowd booed him.

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