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According to a police report, a 17-year-old female was arrested last Saturday morning at 2:30 a.m. after jumping through a window of a resident’s home. It appears the Melbourne Police department have had their hands full as they tackled a growing problem within the community.

The residents of the home say they were terrified after following the incident. The arrest report states that the girl, covered in broken glass and blood, slapped one of the residents of the home, and then ran outside. When police arrived, the report says she charged the officer while screaming, “I am God, I am Satan!” The officer wrote that he backed up at first, but then tasered her and took her into custody.
Kenneth Crowder, 41, was arrested after gyrating against a tree, all while screaming that he was God. Once cops tasered, he reportedly pulled out leads from his skin and attack officers. He was eventually arrested. Another Melbourne resident, Tyler Reynolds Junior, was taken into authorities after 62 grams of Flakka was found in the 20-year-old’s vehicle.


The drug is a synthetic stimulant that is chemically similar to bath salt. It has a perilous side effect, which cause enormous strength and rage, along with intense hallucinations. Also, it induces extreme paranoia. Laboratories overseas have shipped this harmful substance to North American, and Floridians have experienced many cases of violence since its circulation.
Dr. James N. Hall, an epidemiologist and co-director of the U.S. Center for the Study and Prevention of Substance Abuse at Nova Southeastern University, says ‘’this is bad stuff. The biggest danger is there are guinea pigs drugs and the users are like lab rats. Some users get high and some get very sick and many become addicted. Some go crazy and even a few die. But they don’t know what they are taking or what’s going to happen to them.”

In another incident, Bruward Palm Beach News Times reports a resident stood on a rooftop waving a gun and screamed out in excitement. The county has reported this drug has been related to 10 deaths. Plus, Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition says in 2010 says there were 0 cases of flakka. In 2014, there was 670 cases.