The stories surrounding Baltimore City and the riots that took place there seem to be never ending. Two Baltimore City Correctional Officers were caught looting during the riots that take place after the death of Freddie Gray. Click more to check the video!

Two female Correctional Officers, Tamika Cobb and Kendra Richard, were caught taking advantage of the city when they were probably needed most to help restore peace. The pair were seen leaving a destroyed 7/11 with items that will probably cost them their careers and reputation and probably make them a laughing stock as well. Cobb and Richard were seen exiting the store with what appeared to be Slim Jims and Tostito chips. Yup, Slim Jims and chips.

Putting your career on the line, maybe they should have went all in and took some 7/11 slushies? I have to admit though, in the midst of all those people, these two women were pointed out? It looked like they were in plain clothes and blended in with the crowd; so, the fact that they were caught is pretty crazy. That has to be karma working fast.

Officers Caught Looting…

Both Cobb and Richard were suspended without pay from their positions in downtown Baltimore and they were charged with theft and burglary. They were also processed at Central Booking with bail set at $35,000. Stephen Moyer, Public Safety and Correctional Services Secretary, spoke on the two saying, “We will not allow the vast majority of our employees who are honest and hardworking to be tainted by the actions of a few,” and it seems that he wants to make sure the integrity of the rest of the force is not questioned.

Cops playing part in severing spines and Correctional Officers taking advantage of the aftermath? Sounds like they need to start all the way over in Baltimore City if you ask me.


Source: Baltimore Sun