(Video) WOW: National Guard Deployed To Milwaukee Over Fatal Police Shooting & Rioters Looting!

Milwaukee is in an uproar after a fatal shooting involving a police officer brought residents to their peak. Riots and chaos from frustrated protesters have led the National Guard to intervene.

(Video) #PlotTwist? Two Baltimore Officers Are Caught Looting During Riots!

The stories surrounding Baltimore City and the riots that took place there seem to be never ending. Two Baltimore City Correctional Officers were caught looting during the riots that take place after the death of Freddie Gray. Click more to check the video!

(Photos) Mike Brown’s Autopsy In; Police Fire Off Tear Gas To Uphold Curfew In Ferguson

Every since the murder of youth Mike Brown back on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri, the city has been in sheer turmoil, as well as a city divided. The police who have put a curfew in place to minimize the crime and looting, resorted to the use of tear gas on protesters to uphold the midnight curfew. Shortly after 9pm the police began firing off tear gas. See detailed report inside.

Tech Talk London: 40 iPhones For Sale On Craigslist In London…INTERESTING!

Check out this ad that was listed on London’s Craigslist that listed 40 iPhone 4’s for 320 euros or about $454. Tat WZA WZA on Google+ x Ash_Bankz

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