#IFWT reported about Shayna Jenkins’s testimony in her fiancee’s murder trial and the perjury charges being dropped for her cooperation. Recently, Jenkins was asked about the current status of her relationship and she had a surprising response. Click more to read the full story!

Seemed like Shayna was pretty ride or die when it came to her fiancee Aaron Hernandez. I mean she did help him get rid of the murder weapon and then she even took the stand during his trial and “forgot” some key details about the night of the Odin Lloyd murder. A real Bonnie.

But, when your dude is facing a life sentence with more charges rolling in, I guess it is pretty hard to stay down and loyal to that situation. Recently, Shayna was asked if she was still in a relationship with Aaron and her response was a laugh followed by “ehh.” Shayna did say that she is excited to start her future with her daughter, though.

That is a tough pill to swallow. Having a helping hand in sending the dude you love to jail; but, saving yourself in the end for the benefit of a child. No easy sacrifice but I get it. Despite the stress that the trial put her through Shayna says, “I’m feeling great. I’m happy to start my future with my daughter and move forward.” This is definitely a part of her life I’m sure she would like to forget.


Source: BlackSportsOnline