Vic Mensa is blowing up right now thanks to his collaboration with Kanye West and his new deal with Roc Nation. Mensa has been getting a lot of guidance from his new boss Jay Z, who compared him to the grudge rock group Nirvana. Now that his debut album is on the way, the young Chicago emcee has a lot to talk about. When you’ve got a lot to say, who better to vent to than Sway? Find out what they spoke about after the jump!

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Vic Mensa hit up Shade 45 to talk about his most recent accomplishments on “Sway in the Morning.” The 21-year-old rapper spoke about meeting with Jay Z prior to finalizing his new deal with Roc Nation. Mensa explained time when Jay heard one of the songs that will appear on his upcoming album Traffic.

“I played him a song thats yet to be released off my new album Traffic where the hook is ‘it’s contagious, it’s contagious.’ From the music just playing an me not telling him anything, Hov drew this comparison to Nirvana. He said he just saw Nirvana Rock & Roll hall of fame induction the night before. I came in there I had bleached white hair. I was playing a song that was saying ‘it’s contagious, it’s contagious.’ Nirvana’s biggest song is “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” where they say ‘it’s contagious.” So he pulled that comparison because it was uncanny that becasue Nirvana was one of my biggest inspirations as a kid. They were my favorite band in my whole life. So that was the best way he could describe where I was taking my music.”

Sway also brought his recent visual for his song “Down On My Luck.” He said the EDM-influenced visual was the most creative video out now. They also spoke about his song “U Mad” and how it make his girlfriend feel. Watch him spit a freestyle over a classic Hov beat after the interview below.