A man was robbed & beaten on the L train platform in broad day light yesterday. At 3:25 pm in the afternoon , what started on the train continued for a few stops after. Robbed for everything from his shoes to his pants he was jumped and beaten from The Broadway Junction to Atlantic Avenue where they ended up off the train on to the platform.

There were no arrest at all for this horrible attack that lasted for a quite a while. How can there be so many pictures and videos caught on cameras and cell phones but not one single arrest was made. The victim was later treated for a bunch of injuries but hopefully is okay after the horrifying attack. Community activist blame the growing crime rate on gang activity and say this could be the reason cause of the man robbed & beaten on the L train platform. I would blame the lack of security and cameras on the train and platforms.

So many people were on this train and watched the attack and no one tried to contact any cops or officials. Not only being robbed for his pants and shoes they took his cell phone as well. Leaving the man un able to contact anyone immediately after the attack. The investigation continues and hopefully on of the many people involved are caught.

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