IFWT_Paul Pierce Wizards

What a heartbreaking way for Paul Pierce and the Wizard’s season to end. A three point shot to tie the game was waived off in the final seconds of the game and the Wizards were sent fishing. Paul Pierce is reportedly undecided on whether or not he will return to the league. Click more to read the full story!

37 years old and not getting any younger, “The Truth” discusses the heartbreaking loss to Atlanta and his thoughts on returning to the league for his 18th season. Pierce will be turning 38 in October and is undeniably one of the oldest in the league; however, he did average 14.6 points during the playoffs. Still putting up great numbers so the choice to return has to be a tough one for him.

After a tough loss in the series against Atlanta, Paul Pierce admits that it does not get any easier, “They are very emotional. It affects not only you but the people around you on days like this. You go home and you are around your family and you don’t feel like talking to them or doing anything because of what the game does — it takes a bite out of you…” We as fans don’t really take into account the players’ personal lives and how losses affect them. A couple straight seasons of not getting results in the post season has to take a toll on an elite player like Paul Pierce.

If Paul Pierce was to retire, it would not be in vain in the least bit. A remarkable career would be an understatement. Paul Pierce has completed the feat of winning a championship–an opportunity that many in the league never get–he is also a 10 time all-star, scored over 20,000 points as a Celtic, and was named 2008-09 finals MVP. Retiring now would definitely be acceptable because lets face it, Pierce has had a storybook career thus far.

The question is, will he return though? He can still ball at a high level, I would like to see him come back and show effortless skill and perhaps go after another title. Pierce does have a $5.5 million option on his contract for another season but we’ll see what happens in this coming off-season.


Source: Sporting News