Hip Hop lost a incredible MC today. Coke Boy rapper , Chinx Drugs was fatally shot and killed early this morning and some of your favorite rappers, and coke boy affiliates praise the Queens rapper on his last day. Hop into the post to check out Meek Mill, Maino, Travis Scott and More reaction to Chinx Drugz death. #IFWT

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Earlier today Queens rapper and Coke Boy artist Chinx Drugz was killed in a drive by shooting on Jamaica avenue in New York City. Being that French Montana’s Coke Boy movement was so strong, even though it started out very independent in the Mixtape game it was able to gain some true big name affiliates over the years.
The Whole Ebro in the morning crew such as Ebro himself, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Styles have reached out and paid respect to the young rappers legacy via Instagram (check that out in the gallery).
Being that Coke boys is rooted in New York, that’s where it gets most of its love, and most of its hate from. Artists such as Troy Ave, Juelz Santana and Maino are some of the people who made sure they spoken out about the death of their close friend Chinx Drugs.

As the death of Chinx Drugz did start as a rumor, Maino was one of the first to actually confirm that it really was Chinx that was killed on Jamaica Ave at 5 am this morning (May 17th).

Meek Mill spoke out about the Killing of Chinx Drugz giving knowledge to any other artist who consistently returns to their hood as he felt once you make certain about of money and reach a certain amount of success you become a target wherever you go. Even at your own home.

Meek Mill said :

This is exactly why I don’t play in the streets ….. Chinx to French like Omelly to me! I tell @Omelly and my real day 1s get out that hood no matter what it cost or the circumstance! It’s nothing that add up to losing ya life at a young age!!! Niggas killing niggas that’s Tryna win! I got love for the people in the hood but I don’t fuck wit the hood nomore! I dont agree with the rules, most of that shit stupid to me now because I learned and it has nothing to do with having money! Seeing shit like happen always make my heart cold and make me act in cold ways towards my own kind of people! I hate to see potential DIE!! REST WELL #CHINX WE GONE FUCKING MISS YOU!!!

Later after Maino confirmed Chinx Drugz death he paid homage to the rapper with a clip from one of his favorite songs by Chinx.
Here is what Maino had to say about Chinx Drugz’s Death in the caption :

One Time for #Chinx..unbelievable Wut we feeling rite now. Love and condolences to ur family brother. It’s crazy how we would talk about Stacks and now this. Grateful that I been around to have worked wit u and him. Just spoke to u 2 days ago about how we gon drop that #PNP on niggas real soon. Damn bro. Don’t seem rite telling u RIP smh damn

There has been no word from French Montana yet, but they grew up together, they are family. He is probably taking it a lot harder than we are. Let’s all make sure we show love to French Montana even if it’s a simple “Sorry for your loss” Tweet or comment on his Instagram. He can use the love. #RIPChinxDrugz!

Check out the clip from Maino’s Instagram below but also make sure to hop into the gallery to also see Lil Durk, Travis Scott ,KAren Civil and many more mourn for Chinx Drugx’s Death #IFWT

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