Earlier this week, #IFWT reported that Ciara and Russell Wilson were spotted at San Antonio’s River Walk and they put rumors of the two splitting after a month to bed. Ciara and Russell were not alone on their day out and they decided to bring Baby Future along for the walk. I questioned whether or not Future would be cool with this and it looks like we have our answer! Click more to check out the full story!

Out of respect, you would think Ciara would mention to Future that she would be taking their kid out with her new boyfriend, right? Or, perhaps Future and Russell Wilson would have a conversation since he would, in one way or another, be in Baby Future’s life and any objections about the situation could be hashed out and no one is caught off guard, right? Seems like that would make things a lot easier for all parties involved but it does not look like that ever happened.

Earlier today, Future was seen on Instagram interacting with fans who were pointing out the fact that Russell Wilson was pushing his son’s stroller and his responses were not too nice. LOL! Giving Future the benefit of the doubt, I think I would be pretty pissed off and embarrassed if I had to find out via social media that my kid’s mother is entertaining another dude with my son tagging along; however, maybe Future went a little over board.

A fan commented that Russell was being a real father to Future’s son and Future’s response was definitely priceless. “Ion give a fu*k if dey was real sisters,” Future followed up with the fan but he then proceeded to post in the comments and depicted two footballs being shot at with the pistol emoji. Sheesh. See what a simple conversation can avoid. ( Check the gallery to see the posts ).

On the other hand though, I kind of feel Future. I’m sure Ciara would not feel comfortable with Baby Future being around a new woman in Future’s life. For some reason, I feel like this is not the end of this triangle between Russell, Ciara, and Future.