Guess who’s playing hooky? For the trillionth time Suge Knight is playing the sick card. First it was glaucoma issues, then “legally blind” followed by a very convincing fainting spell and now he wont get out of bed. When Suge was summoned to the court room for his court date for an alleged robbery involving Katt Williams, he refused to leave his cell, claiming he was too sick to move. Find out what happened next after the jump.

Emery Childs

Suge Knight is literally 2 lies away from saying he has menstrual cramps. While we patiently wait for the day that Suge Knight faces the music, he continues to be a con artist; trying to get the ball back in his court every step of the way. Knight has made the courtroom his personal stage as his sharades get bigger and more dramatic as time goes on. He’s now taken his show on the road by adding his jail cell to the list of sets for his melodrama.

Knight is awaiting trial for murder of his once friend Terry Carter. Knight allegedly ran Carter over with his truck trying to flee a scene. But that’s not here, not there… The trial he dodged was for an alleged robbery of a paparazzo in Beverly Hills. He and Katt Williams were supposed to be in attendance, neither one of them showed. The judge agreed to postpone the court date to Friday and made it very clear Knight better be present, either by his own choice or by force.

Source: TMZ