There’s no point in beating around the bush when you’re LeBron James, right? The best player in basketball, King James, has spoken on the Warriors’ plans on defending him in the NBA Finals and his response was clear as day–they can’t stop him! Click more to read the full story!

On the road to his historic 5th finals appearance, LeBron has a chance to take home his third championship and despite what statistics say about the Warriors pressing and scoring the ball, it could very well happen. With the supporting cast of a few New Jersey natives in Tristan Thompson, Kyrie Irving, and JR Smith, they can shoot the lights out just as well as the splash brothers in Golden State. Of course, the Cavs will need a healthy supporting cast around LeBron; but there is no dobut that the Finals will be very entertaining.

LeBron was recently asked how the Cavs plan on slowing down the regular season MVP, Steph Curry,and his response was simple and clear, “Well, the same way you slow me down, you can’t!” LOL!. This is the LeBron I like to see and hear. Forget being humble, its the Finals and time to go ahead try to take another championship and solidify his spot as the king of the game.

Realistically though, LeBron is right. Steph Curry is undeniably going to score the ball but the Cavs’ focus has to be on the supporting members of Golden State who can impact their team. Shutting down players like Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and Harrison Barnes will be key for the Cavs. The same goes for Golden State, LeBron will be LeBron and have his way no matter what but they will have to focus and shut down everyone else.

Game 1 of the NBA Finals starts on Thursday, June 4th!


Source: NBA.com