Princess Love x Ray J

Ray J and Princess Love seemed to doing fine for the last couple of months, then out of nowhere, things went south for the couple. Ray J has moved on pretty fast and judging from Princess’ encounter with his manager there is some bad blood between the two of them.

Ray J and Princess Love clearly had problems within their relationship as many of their issues were aired on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. With the exception of a few incidents, the couple have been pushing through and things appeared to be good for the last couple of month. Then out nowhere the pair split.

Normally, I would say that this is one of their normal break ups but, the two show no signs of reconciliation and, Ray J has been seen with a new girl on his arm. In addition to Ray J’s newest love interest, it appears that Princess got her apartment cleaned out and her Bentley repo’ed by Ray’s manager ‘s Cash Jones (@wack100). Was this by Ray J’s order?

Princess and Jones went back and forth under one of her Instagram posts and he claimed to have rekeyed her Bentley because it wasn’t actually hers. Jones even mentions Princess’ ex Floyd Mayweather, stating that he wont protect her because she’s is disloyal. Who know what happened between Princess and Ray, but the backlash seems to be pretty ugly. Something tells me this drama between them is not over.

Check the gallery to see Ray J’s new girl, plus pictures of Princess Love’s heated encounter with Ray’s manager.

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