J.R. Smith threw some not so subtle shots at the New York Knicks for trading him and Iman Shumpert.  He finally explained his Instagram post and said outright that it definitely wasn’t a joke.

Smith posted split photos of himself and Iman Shumpert in Knicks and Cavs jerseys with the heading: “One Man’s Trash. Another Man’s Treasure.’’

Asked if the post indicated he felt discarded, Smith said, “Absolutely, to hear I was a throw-in to the trade just to get you off the books and for us to go over there and thrive, I think that’s absolutely how I feel.’’

The Knicks pawned off Smith to create $6 million more in cap space this summer and now he’s playing like the Sixth Man of the Year — an award he won in 2013. There was a report the Cavs were forced to take Smith, otherwise the Knicks wouldn’t give up Shumpert, which sources have indicated is exaggerated.

Smith, Shumpert and the Cavaliers will face off against the Golden State Warriors for game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight.  While he may feel a way about being discarded, he definitely got the better end of the deal playing with LeBron James and having a shot at the championship title.

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Source: NY Post