In America, sometimes it’s hard for gays and Transgender individuals to lead a normal life. According to CNN, countries abroad may be more accepting to Caitlyn Jenner.

In Nepal, individuals have no problem marking “other” on a application. An individual named Bhakti Shah is transgender and identifies as a he. Caitlyn Jenner was the opposite but aslo dealt with a sex change. Bhakti joined the army and enjoyed the experience untill people found out he was really a she. Bhakti Shah was persecuted for being himself and even accused of having sexual relations with a women in the barracks. Bhakti unfortunately had to face 60 days of solitary confinement.

In Good News, the incident turned out to produce positive results. Nepal citizens made it their priority to make it comfortable for transgenders and gay individuals living in the Country! Nepal is even ahead of other countries when it comes to the recognition of gay and transgender individuals. In 2007, the Nepal supreme court ruled against discriminatory practices against the gay community.Nepal also became the first country in the region to decriminalize gay sex.

So much activism for gay rights is becoming more frequent. Bhakti feels more empowered to make a difference! Same-sex marriage is even being held in consideration! Way too Go! Wishing the best for Bhakti! It’s people like Caitlyn and Bahkti that are one of the many helping to make a difference in the transgender community!

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