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State Prosecutor, Scarlett Wilson announced this morning that South Carolina police officer Michael Slager was indicted on the April murder of Walter Scott. Wilson adds that murder was the only charge presented to the grand jury, and the grand jury indicts South Carolina officer almost immediately got indicted. He may not be eligible for parole.

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After the death of Scott, the news went viral. Slager was video-tapped by Feidin Santana, firing eight guns shots – five of which hit the victim – into a fleeing, and handcuffed Scott. Now, the officer is paying the price for his mistakes; all eight. After the charges were brought to the grand jury, they made the decision to indict.

“The grand jury is a formal step, but just another step in the criminal process,” said Slager’s attorney, Andrew J. Savage.

Savage, told CNN Monday that his defense team has not yet been given prosecutors’ investigative materials as requested and would not comment on “any aspect” of the case until they have that information.

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The New York Times obtained police record that show Slager being involved in 19 (count them) use-of-force episodes during his bid as an officer. Of those 19, it shows that 14 involved the use of a Taser, however, was the one time he used a gun, which could be the reasoning for Scott’s family to be thrilled about the grand jury indictment.

Ronald Scott, a younger brother of Walter Scott, said the Scott family was satisfied with the indictment. “We are happy and pleased about that right now,” said Ronald.

Such a sad situation.