50 cent stepped out today feeling himself. He started off his day posting a photo to Instagram showing off his new drone and made sure his $300K Lambo was in the background. Then he took his late manager’s daughter for a drive in the car and didn’t even break a sweat when she crashed it into a parked car. Find out what happened after the jump.

The rapper posted a photo of himself this morning flying his new drone with the caption, “New Drone, I’m so fly right now Pilot life.” In the photo he’s standing in the street flying the drone with his $300K Lambo parked in the background. Soon after he posted it, the comments started rolling in and one comment in particular must have hit a nerve with 50. One person commented wrote “Hey fun boy @50cent you match your clothes to your car? Suspect” In the photo 50’s shoes and hat do in fact match the color of the car but 50 had the quick come back for the hater. He wrote, “ shut your broke ass up, yeah I match my jimmy choo sneaker with my Lamborghini.”

Sometime after 50 was spotted in Brooklyn with his late manager’s daughter Tiffany Lighty. They were filming Tiffany’s show, “In the Light with Lighty.” According to eyewitness testimony, an Uber was double parked in front of Sweethaus Cupcakes and Tiffany tried to get around it. In her attempt she hit the Uber and messed up the passenger side of the Lambo ripping the mirror straight off. No one was hurt.

50, however was cool about the whole situation. He said it was no big deal and even took the time out to pose for a picture with the Uber driver. However, when they did drive away 50 was driving the car.

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