Eminem’s World Record For Most Words In One Song! Hop into the post to check it out! #IFWT!

MC Harry Shotta has shocked the world by breaking Eminem’s world record for most words in one song. While not officially recognized yet, MC Harry Shotta has demolished the record originally set by Detroit rapper, Eminem’s song “Rap God”. Eminem’s song had a very impressive 1560 words on his song, but MC Harry Shotta had beat that record by 200 words with his song “Animal” which had 1771 words! This six minute song by MC Harry Shotta has a pretty similar cadence as Eminem’s song “Rap God”. MC Harry Shotta’s delivery in general has a lot in common with Eminem as you can see there is obviously some sort of influence involved.

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MC Harry Shotta Explained the process of writing “Animal” : “The process is a long-winded one but we know the word count is more than Eminem and hopefully they’ll recognize that.”

The “Animal” Rapper also made sure to make it clear that there is no beefbetween him and Eminem.

“This is purely about pushing our art and having some fun.”

Hopefully the record becomes official soon, so it’ll give Eminem a reason to come out of hiding and return with a Rap God part 2! Check out the full record-breaking song and video below! #IFWT!!