Chris Rock x Maalak

Divorce is never a pretty thing. However for comedian Chris Rock, not only are things getting ugly with his divorce from estranged wife Maalak Compton-Rock, but it’s also going to be quite pricy, as well. Divorce papers show that Maalak is asking for a LARGE lump sum of Chris’ bank account that’s worth a good $70 million. Rock’s ex is currently is a stay-at-home mom to their two children Lola Simone, 13, and Zahra Savannah, 11, in their home in Alpine, New Jersey. Although the exact amount has not been revealed, sources are revealing that it’s pretty close to half being that both parties have agreed that their prenup has expired under a sunset clause.

As far as custody of the children is concerned, she and Rock have already decided on a 50-50 custody agreement. The courts are going to grant Compton-Rock a nice pay-out due to her “commensurate with the marital standard of living.” I’m sure Chris Rock is really asking himself now “WHY DID I GET MARRIED?!” Ah, the irony.

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Source: PageSix