Michael Ealy is Secrets & Lies new star! He will play Eric Warner the new “suspect” of season two on ABC’s hit show. For full details on the new story line and who in the cast, from season one is returning, hit the jump!

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Michael Ealy will play the new suspect, the smart, hard-working, well-educated Eric Warner, who stands to inherit his family’s company in Charlotte, NC. He’s also in love his wife, Kate. But suddenly, his happy future is ripped away when Kate is murdered while Eric attends a party to honor him becoming the head of the family business.

In keeping with the set up of the first season, Ealy has signed a one-season deal, and his character’s story will be wrapped up by the end of the show’s second season. Juliette Lewis will be back as Detective Andrea Cornell. She is the connection for all of Secrets & Lies‘ cases, but the other actors are also expected to make appearances. Secrets & Lies will have a midseason premiere on ABC in 2016.

Ealy, who just finished a villainous run on The Following, previously starred in some failed shows such as Almost Human and Sleeper Cell, and can be seen on the big screen in the upcoming thriller The Perfect Guy, in September.