Money talks, and bulls**t runs a marathon. This is one real estate mogul who knows the meaning all too well. Donald Trump paid supporters … well, to support him during his tumultuous presidential campaign announcement. While we are pretty sure that the Trump has folks who back him up 100 percent, there still were a group of individuals paid to hold up signs and sport T-shirts the said, TRUMP Makes America Great Again! Yeah, sure.

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A casting call was sent out last week “looking to cast people for the event to wear t-shirts and carry signs and help cheer him in support of his announcement.”

In connection with Gotham Government Relations and Communications, Extra Mile Casting paid sent out the casting call and offered actors $50 to cheer on Donald. Apparently, for political reasons, this is a practice that makes you look really bad – and succeeds in my eyes – called “astroturfing,” hiring political rally and event attendees in order to give the appearance of grassroots support for the candidate or issue at hand.

I mean, how low is one willing to stoop in order to be President of the United States? Already, the Trump is falling behind in this race. Paying folks to come to your announcement?! Isn’t that what CREDIBILITY is all about? If you have the juice, you don’t need to pull stupid stunts like this one.

Check out the gallery for these “paid” supporters.

SOURCE: Refinery 29