In these trying times civilians question the safeness of the country we call home. A marked terrorist saw no guilt and killed multiple people in a church building. This crime is obviously satanic and people are concerned. Nobody really know what could happen next. Conscious lyricist Immortal Technique, had a couple of opinions about the violence in America. Immortal technique even compares ISIS to America!

We all know Immortal Technique keeps it 100. In this interview with DJ Vlad he seriously goes in. Immortal Technique talks about the rise of social media and how it kind of confused people into thinking that these harsh occurrences in society are only happening now. News flash, so much police brutality and racism has been occurring in society frequently and did not get to be recorded. Twitter, Instagram and even SnapChat has allowed civilians to frequently document recent injustices in America.

Immortal Technique even makes the bold comparisons about America’s corrections system. Police in America definitely have gotten more and more militarized. The actions that are displayed through media confirmed that. Also, Immortal gives a lot of similarities to Europeans colonizing America to the Islamic group ISIS. Immortal technique boldly states that the ISIS group is very similar to the early settlers. What do ya’ll think?

In this society, media is quick to label outsiders as a threat but find it hard to give a harsh name to it’s own. In America as we speak, the confederate flag is still high up in the air. This confederate flag symbolizes racism and segregation. Police brutality is even being normalized. Terrorist and massive genocides are happening everyday against minority people. Once again this is the country we live in. Immortal Technique does indeed have a few valid points.

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