It may have been a better decision to turn up the volume on the television instead of turning to the police for help with a sex crazed couple. Police say a Tennessee couple attacked a neighbor who complained to cops about their loud sex.

Johnny Allen Richards, 33, and Erin Brooke Lawson, 32, were arrested June 9 for beating and stabbing their Rogersville neighbor for ratting on their raunch. The attack happened after Hawkins County Sheriff deputies were summoned to the couple’s apartment for a second time that day. The first time, the couple had been getting it on, and the second time, they were having a verbal altercation.


According to the police, Richards and Lawson knocked on their next-door neighbor’s door, and when he opened it, Lawson hit him with a rake, braking off its handle. She then used the broken handle to stab him in the arm. The arresting officer documents “I did observe several lacerations on (the neighbor) consistent with how he stated he was injured.There was blood on the end of the rake handle that was recovered at the scene. (The neighbor) stated the Mr. Richards hit him with a 2-by-2 stick, and it was recovered at the scene.”

Richards and Lawson were each charged with one count of aggravated assault against the neighbor. Lawson faces an additional assault charge for hitting Richards with the same 2×2 stick.

Since 2001, Richards has been arrested 45 times for charges including burglary, theft and assault while Lawson has been arrested 31 times for charges including drug trafficking, stalking and theft.