You know the saying Don’t try this at home, well kids I just advise you don’t try this , like ever! A video goes viral after a kid attempted to jump across a subway train track and failed immensely. Check out the video and feel the pain in your ribs as you watch him attempt to go from one side of the Harlem train tracks to the other side.

OUCH! Not only did he probably break or bruise a rib, but what if he was injured to a point where he wouldn’t be able to get up. The last few years trains being the cause of death , is higher more than ever before. Whether someone is throwing them on to the train tracks , or the incident where someone wanted to retrieve their cell phone that had fallen into the tracks. Where were his real friends to tell him don’t try this ?

This video is a mother’s worst nightmare. The shirtless man acted as if he wasn’t seriously hurt but then again we only were able to see seconds of the video. Luckily in this day and age a camera is just a button away and a lot of moments in life we all get to watch, especially if it goes Viral. Again I urge you all don’t try this !

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