This definitely has to be stressful for Diddy right now. As we all know Diddy is the brand ambassador for the vodka Ciroc; but after his recent fight with assistant UCLA football coach, Sal Alosi, could his partnership with the brand could be in jeopardy?

Ciroc is perhaps one of the biggest business ventures that Diddy has taken on. Its like once he joined the team, the brand immediately took off and flourished and still continues to do so. With contract terms already agreed upon, the fact that Diddy has been arrested on certain charges could cause him to lose out on this lucrative deal.

After getting into a fight with assistant coach, Sal Alosi, Diddy is facing felony charges including terroristic threats. In an agreement with Ciroc, the brand prohibits any producers or manufacturer’s from being convicted of certain felonies and misdemeanors or the contract will be voided. Damn!

A Preview of the terms…
“Not, within five years prior to the date of application, been convicted of a felony under Federal or State law, and has not, within three years prior to date of application, been convicted of a misdemeanor under any federal law relating to liquor, including the taxation thereof…”

Now, the contract does specify that manufacturers and producers have to avoid run-ins with the law; however, Diddy’s exact role outside of being an ambassador is not really known. Again, he is a brand ambassador but from the outside looking in, do we really know if he has more involvement with Ciroc than that? And more so, does being an ambassador fall under the category of manufacturer or producer?

I definitely hope Diddy can beat the charges because lets just face it, no matter who you are or how much money you have, the system sucks! At this point, it doesn’t seem like the charges will be dropped so I guess Diddy’s team will have to prepare for a battle in the court room.