Let us know how you really feel Coach K! I’m not sure how close of friends Coach K and Phil Jackson are, but it’s safe to say Phil is not going to be a fan of Mike Krzyzewski’s criticism of the triangle offense that Mr. Eleven rings continues to shove down the throats of Knicks fans and players.


Recently, the New York Times ran a story about the triangle & explored details of it. For part of the story, they asked Coach K why he never tried to use it.

“The triangle didn’t win crap!” he told the NYT. “Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant! Whatever offense I run, that offense didn’t do it. Winning means you had the caliber of players capable of winning a championship.”

Coach K then went on to say that he has “nothing against the triangle.” But he also said that while it’s a solid offense, “it’s a lot better if Jordan loves it or Kobe loves it.”

Oh, and as if that wasn’t depressing enough for all the Knicks fans out there, he also stated the obvious. “The triangle’s not working in New York, by the way,” he said.

Problem for us Knicks fans is Coach K is right! Everyone has said for years the offense looked more spectacular than it really was because you had the greatest player ever running it at one point, then followed it up with the best player of this generation in Kobe Bryant running it, who at one time was paired with Shaq!

You can see why the offense worked so well. At issue for Phil is Carmelo Anthony, while being a great scorer, is not even in the same discussion as MJ & Kobe as a player overall. There is a reason why the triangle has struggled tremendously in the big apple.

Obviously there is still time to turn it around and get the players needed to make it successful, but even if that happens, it will never be the same caliber of players running it that Phil had in the past. Maybe he needs to get with reality and stop banking on what got him those 11 rings. There will not be a 12th ring to add to the collection if he doesn’t smarten up, fast!