Stephen Colbert Did A Hilarious Interview With Eminem On Public TV! Hop into the post to check it out!

Okay so take your self back for a minute. Your in the 6th grade, you faked sick and your mom dropped you off at your grandmother’s house because she had to work. Initially you think you lucked out because you had a project due that day but you forgot the jokes on you because all she had was butterscotch candy and a tube television with like 6 channels on it so you were forced to choose between daytime soap operas and educational programming and public access talk shows.

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Well imagine that dry low budget talk show involved Stephen Colbert asking Eminem questions like “Are you more political or more booty rhymes?”

Well open your eyes people, because that really happened and only Monroe country, Michigan residents got to see it live. Stephen Colbert talked about a bunch of Stuff that had nothing to do with Eminem for about 20 minutes and then out of nowhere Eminem with his typical hood up and baseball cap walked onto the set. This goes down in history easily as the most awkward interview ever.

Check it out below! #IFWT!!

Check out the Eminem Interview Below!

Check out the full video below!