R. Kelly

Bruce Kelly was apparently overworked and underpaid by his little bro R. Kelly, and now he’s filed a claim with the State of Illinois over it. Damn, this guy must have been the biggest snitch to mom and dad back in the day!

Bruce says his Kels hired him in March as a personal assistant and driver, and they had a verbal agreement for $700 a week. Unfortunately, despite doing up to 12-hour days and 144-hour weeks, Bruce never saw a dime…nor a bed.

Bruce tells TMZ he even spoke to his brother about the $11k in back pay he claims he was owed, and he didn’t care! The labor board is now currently investigating his claim. As for why he took it this far and didn’t try to settle family matters behind closed doors?

“He’s not working for nobody, not even his brother, for free.” Okay then!

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Source: TMZ