In unhealthy news, some of New York City’s public swimming pools were treated as public toilets as some residents were leaving floating human excrement behind (pun intended).

NYC Unsanitary Pools Reported 17 Fecal Incidents Last Year

According to data obtained from Parks Department data obtained by The New York Post, the title of the city’s nastiest pool — with 17 floaters each — was shared by Haffen Pool in The Bronx and Hamilton Fish Pool and Lasker Pool in Manhattan.

“The average person has no idea that this is happening so frequently,” said Geoffrey Croft, president of NYC Park Advocates. “For those of us who do not use the pool as a toilet, it’s everyone’s nightmare.”

NY Post also reports 272 fecal incidents occurred in pools across the city last summer.

Whenever someone poops in the city pools, parks workers evacuate all swimmers and close pools.