Karrine Steffans (Also known as “Superhead”) Claims Christina Milian Was “F*cking” For Record Deals. Hop into the post to check out the video get in on the details #IFWT!

Karrine Steffans straight up shaded Christina Milian in her recent interview with bossipofficial. In this interview KArrine Steffans was insinuating that Christina Milian was giving up some booty in exchange for a few record deals and movie deals on a couple of different occasions.

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Karrine Steffans has quite the history in the industry and she doesn’t sing or rap. Being that her nickname for years was “Superhead”, was famous for how good she was at performing oral sex, then wrote a book about her Journey, she comes across as a valid source. Karrine Steffans said that she actually walked in on Christina Milian on one of these occasions she claims of where Christina Milian was “F*cking” for record deals.

The two have also had an ongoing beef over Lil Wayne, being that Wayne used to be on Superhead HEAVY and is now rolling with Christina Milian. Do you think this is jealous shade? or may there be some truth behind it all? Sound off in the comments and let us know! #IFWT!

Check out the video below! #IFWT!